AGPtek LED Crystal Ball Stage Light

January 3, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The AGPtek LED Crystal Ball is an amazing party gadget. You could have this light anywhere with it's small design, but powerfull performance. The Crystal Ball stage light uses 18Watts of power for the 6 RGB LED's and they rotate as well.

The small device has a screw on top so you can mount the device anywhere. The light projected can be seen on walls, ceilings, and whoever is in the way of the LED. Becareful as they are very bright and efficient LED's.

AGPtek LED Crystal Ball Stage Light

The Crystal Ball has a control panel on the front that allows you to change the speed or mode that it's currently in. Strobe at different speeds, high speed color changing, or slow it down for a nice slow pace of color changing wall and ceiling art. My personal favorite was the slow blue fade that turned the room into a calm resort.

On the back of the stage light, you will find a MIC input. This is a great tool for DJ's as you can use the light along with your voice as you announce the wedding party or other great uses.

Since the Crystal Ball uses LED's you can expect a long life out of this item as well as saving energy while entertaining your guests. Some perfect places to bring the LED Crystal Ball would be a bar, night club, if you are a DJ, home parties, or even a night in!

With only requiring a single power outlet, you can turn a normal party or boring room into a party zone! Get your guests pumped up and ready to dance when the lights hit the ceiling!

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