AGPtek Rechargeable Dog Collar Training Kit

March 5, 2014Posted by Kevin White


AGPtek has a great solution when attempting DIY home training for your loveable pet. This rechargeable dog collar has a long battery life and has USB chargeable capabilities. The remote and design of the collar are identical to other models, so verify the one you purchase is rechargeable.

With this dog collar, you have 100 levels of vibrate and 100 levels of shock. We suggest that you start off at 1 and work your way up, especially when depending on your pets size and weight. There is also a sound feature that you can also be useful when trying to correct bad behavior.

AGPtek Rechargeable Dog Collar Training Kit

The remote is lacking a power on and off static button. Instead you must press and hold in for five seconds the "mode" button. Sometimes that isn't quick enough to catch the bad behavior and have the solution ready. After 20 seconds of inactivity, the remote enters a "standby mode" and then after 2 minutes of inactivity, the remote shuts off. Waking the remote up from "standby mode" press any button except for the LED light button.

Speaking of the LED light button, it emits a decently bright LED light that can help at night or a quick flashlight. AGPtek adds an LED test light to make sure the leads are working and the package also comes with the USB cord as well as the wall charger.

The collar is weatherproof and can also detach from the provided collar and be added to a differenlt collar. Charging this device is simple and doesn't require any additional batteries (except for the remote).

The remote has 4 buttons on the front. The first button, represented with a 1/2, is a saved setting changer. You can have two different modes and different levels saved to the 1 spot and 2 spot. The second button is a flashlight button, and the third is the activate button. When you press the activate button, the collar responds with the current mode and level for as long as your press it. The mode buttons allows you to flow through the options of Sound, Vibrate, and Shock.

Affordable solution that could help with correcting some bad behavior and safely doing so.

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AGPtek Dog Collar Training Kit AGPtek Dog Collar Training Kit