AGPtek Touch Pen Stylus

May 29, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The AGPtek Touch Pen isn't just a stylus and it's much more than just a pen. I was very excited when I had received the product, opened it and immediately used it on my Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 810. Right out of the box the Touch Pen has a wonderful feel in your hands and between your fingers.

AGPtek Touch Pen Stylus

The comfortable stylus is a must when you are using it on Candy Crush and you have been playing for hours! Not only is holding the stylus comfortable, but it has many more uses as well. The removable stylus tip reveals a working pen and the possibility that if you run out of ink it's easily replaceable. Just in case you need to sign off on some important document and you haven't quite finished that level you can take a break without moving too far. 

The Touch Pen also has a really nice feature on the back of the bear. This is a small but fully functional screen cleaner. I sat there for a while using it and it actually does work. I would advise that you keep it away from any animals that might shed as this screen cleaner might pick up some unfriendly hairs. - Check out our video review!

The last great feature I will talk about is the mount that the stylus comes in. It holds the pen upright along with a suction cup mount at the bottom. It's perfect for sticking it to large screens or even to a table. That way you can't misplace your stylus and if you need it near you can guarantee that you have it close. It's like removing the sword from the stone. The stylus is mightier than the pen?

I have also seen that you can rest the tablet against the suction cup mount for a tilt preference, but to me I enjoy removing the stylus from the stone and placing it back when I need a break after slaying all those candy pieces.

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