Aerb Samsung Galaxy S5 Bumper Smartphone Case

April 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


Aerb has a rugged and tough smartphone case for the Samsung Galaxy S5. This case utilizes a Polycarbonate outter shell and even has a kickstand that retracts and doesn't get in the way. This case also fits the phone very snug and feels like it can withstand wear and tear.

This smartphone case has a nice rugged rubber outer shell and a hard plastic underneath. This allows for shock absorption from dropping the phone, but also can help with decreasing static electricity and protecting the camera.

Aerb Samsung Galaxy S5 Bumper Smartphone Case

With the snug fit around the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can feel comfortable living your active life or be comfortable being clumsy. The case doesn't block any of the notification LED's, Camera, Flash, and is also very easy to remove from the S5.

The kickstand is really easy to use, pull out the the tab where an indent on the left side should be. With the rubber, this smartphone case should be able to withstand pretty large impacts, as long as your screen isn't direclty hit.

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