Bluefire Lighting 6 Watt LED A19 Style Bulb/Lamp

May 6, 2014Posted by Kevin White


These A19-Lamp LEDs from Bluefire Lighting are an impressive low wattage lamp that outputs equivilant of 40 watt incandescent. That's a 34 watt difference and could save you some money by switching. These lamps are LED and can last a very long time. Bluefire Lighting has rated these lamps for 25000 hours of life and that is based on a 3 hour per day usage.

Bluefire Lighting LED A19 Lamps

These lamps have screw in bases that will fit your normal socket at home and pack 470 lumens of brightness. These lamps are shaped like a traditional incandescent bulb and have a wide angle to allow the most amount of light output.

The two color temperatures that I have tested for the 6 Watt A19 LEDs were, 2700K (warm white, more traditional and looks like incandescent light) and 5000K (considered "Daylight", has a blueish hue and is more comparable to a sunny day outside with no clouds). The 2700K from Bluefire Lighting was a great replica to the warm white coloring that we are so used to and the 5000K did an excellent job of replicating daylight.

These lamps are screw in ready and they do not require any additional instructions. These lamps are geared towards lowering your electricity bill while supplying you with the same or more amounts of light. Bluefire Lighting does a great job creating a low wattage LED that easily replaces the higher wattage lamps and also gives you the option of changing color schemes in your home or office.

Bluefire Lighting has given these lamps a 1 year warranty, which if anything were to go wrong with the LED lamp, it would probably be within that one year. These lamps can seem more expensive than the traditional incandescent, but these lamps pay for themselves. The average cost per year for these lamps based on the 3 hours per day is valued at $0.72.

Once these lamps are installed, your return on investment or ROI is going to be faster than you think. With over 85% of energy savings from ditching the 40 watt lamp, you can understand why you would want to shell out the extra money, and save in the long run.

Bluefire Lighting LED A19 Lamp 4 Pack

Bluefire Lighting LEDs do not consist of any Mercury and do not require a "warming up" time period. These are instant on LEDs that have a long life span with a wide beam angle for maximum light output. You can find these 6 Watt Bluefire Lighting LED A19 lamps in 4 packs with specified color temperatures.

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