Drinkwell By Petsafe - Water Filtration System

April 11, 2014Posted by Kevin White


Drinkwell by Petsafe is an excellent water filtration system for pets. The water filtration helps remove chlorine, odors, and other small particles that could be in your tap water. Drinkwell utilizes a carbon filter to remove the impurities and keep the water fresh for your furry family.

The pump is submersible and can fit into a variety of water dish sizes. The pump features suction cup feet to keep it in place and from being knocked out. With the pump constantly going through water and running through the filter, this device is actually very quiet.

Drinkwell by Petsafe Water Filtration System

Not only does this water filtration system give your pets a healthier drink of water, but the sound and flow of the water encourages them to drink more. Create better drinking habbits for them and increase their health as they are getting fresh water that isn't stagnant and collecting impurities.

The Drinkwell uses a single wall outlet and has plenty of power cord length to put the water dish in it's desired area. A simple connection from the pump wire to the power outlet wire is all that is needed for the unit to turn on and start cleaning the water.

The filter will eventually need to be changed, and depending on how many pets are using the fountain, the unit could use a cleaning. Unclog the hair and other obstacles from the pump and filter, and you can also throw it into the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

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