EasyAcc Grampus USB Optical Laser Gaming Mouse

May 12, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This gaming mouse is capable of becoming your one stop mouse. Offering 4 different DPI settings, 800/1600/2400/3600. The mouse has a design that not only looks cool, but also lights up. With each different DPI setting, the color changes as well. 800 is purple, 1600 is green, 2400 is blue, and 3600 is red.

EasyAcc Grampus USB Gaming Mouse

Grampus has a lot of features packed in and can definitely help you during gaming or even just casual use. This gaming mouse has the two buttons on the left side and are often used for "Forward" or "Backward" page searching. These buttons can also be programmed to fit macros that are used in your favorite games. This mouse also features a wheel/button for page searching and scrolling purposes.

On the bottom of the gaming mouse, there is a switch to turn the illumination on/off and also fades in and out when the mouse is idle. Once you move the mouse, the light becomes constant again. The look and feel of this mouse is very pleasing and it definitely feels like a gaming mouse. Smooth movement, comfortable feel, and customizable to fit your gaming needs.

The Grampus is a USB gaming mouse that uses optical laser technology. This mouse also features all of the needed DPI settings for gamers to increase their sensitivity during games without having to edit options. Quick access buttons allow you to change easier, rather than being in game and having to change the setting.

The design of this mouse features a dragon where your palm goes, and it lights up along with the colors of your current setting. I really enjoyed the look and feel of this mouse and it also gave me that official gamer vibe.

The Grampus features slip resistant rubber that will also help you prevent mistakes from fingers or your hand slipping. The package comes with extra slip resistant rubber, where you can place on your more common slipping areas.

EasyAcc really put care and thought into this affordable gaming mouse and also has features packed into it. For gaming or for regular use, this mouse has everything you need.

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