EasyAcc 5000mAh Power Bank

October 25, 2013Posted by Kevin White


One of the best reasons to love this power bank is because of the wire that is included and hard wired into the actual device. It's long enough to let most smart phones lay flat on top or bottom of the power bank. Using this already existing microUSB cable to my HTC One, my phone charged in record time. Next I want to time, using an older USB power bank VS the 5000mAh. I couldn't stress enough how fast my phone would reach full charge and one that lasted too. 

Some other features on the 5000mAh, it supports a USB cable for it's 5V1.5A port, which is still a better connection for these higher power smart phones than the traditional 5V1A ports. You can also charge this device using a microUSB input. The charge times can range as using different ports can affect the quality of the charge based on the 5V1A, 5V1.5A, and 5V2A. 

EasyAcc 5000mAh Power Bank

I really like that EasyAcc gave it a good slim design so it's not too bulky, especially when combined with a smart phone on top. Along with the design, there are 4 blue notification LED's that let you know how much charge is left. Don't be alarmed when you turn the power on to this power bank and connect it to your chargeable device. These lights do not stay on the entire time. 

Another added bonus to this EasyAcc power bank is the flashlight LED. Tap the power button twice to activate the LED and although it's not the brightest LED out there, its better than having no light at all. 

Having an open USB 5V1.5A port and an attached microUSB cable, you are capable of charging two devices at the same time. Just another added bonus to EasyAcc's power bank category. You can tell that they have payed attention to the detail of functionality and design. This is the power bank I will take with me on camping trips, road trips, any kind of trip.

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