EasyAcc U-Bright 3000mAh Power Bank - Flashlight

December 16, 2013Posted by Kevin White


EasyAcc has a long line of Power Banks that have more than USB charging abilities. This is another combination that belongs in your home or in your car. The 3000mAh power bank features a very bright (0.5 Watt LED and 40-50 lumens for all those lighting enthusiasts) focused flashlight that works even when the power runs out to charge other devices.

The U-Bright power bank features a fancy 2.1A USB charging port for a fast clean charge. This USB port can handle charging the latest and greatest smartphones and other USB chargeable devices.

EasyAcc 3000mAh Power Bank/Flashlight

The device is lipstick size and fits almost anywhere. U-Bright is perfect for power outages or camping because of the long battery life, high power LED, and small design.

The power bank/flashlight has a button towards the bottom on the side which activates the power to charging. If you double tap the button, you will notice that it activates the flashlight. With how simple and easy to use and charge this device, anyone could use it. Perfect for someone who doesn't light candles or the techie who perfers a different method for power outages or even yourself.

EasyAcc has included a "rope" to insert in the given loop hole so you can sport the flashlight on your wrist or around your neck. Can't lose it while you are running away from Jason during your stay at Camp Crystal Lake. EasyAcc also includes two micro USB cables so right out of the box you have everything you need.

If you are looking to charge your smartphone in the woods and make sure you make it to the bathrooms without stepping into a rabbit hole, check EasyAcc out. If you are looking to charge your smartphone and navigate your home while the power is out, check U-Bright out. Working in your garage and you need a light, but your smartphone battery is dying? Pull out the U-Bright that is small in design, charge your phone, and find that missing bolt.

These are just some of the options that can enhance your daily life, or help you when times are dark. EasyAcc U-Bright is a great contender to throw into the ring.

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