Energy Sistem - Energy E-Reader e4 Mini

January 10, 2010Posted by Kevin White


The Energy e-Reaer e4 Mini from Energy Sistem is a great, compact, and efficient e-reader that can store an entire library worth of books. The e4 utlizes an SD card reader and can have multiple differnt file formats. TXT, PDF, PDB, EPUB, FB2, HTML, RTF, and MOBI is the entire approved list of file formats for e-book reading.

Energy Sistem e4 Mini E-Reader

The e4 Mini has a 4.3" electronic ink screen that has 16 levels of greyscale, and added high contrast. There are specific options that can enhance your screen under different types of light, including a night mode that flips the text to white and the background to black. Use the fast refresh to keep your pages turning at a quick pace and the 600X800 pixel screen also has anti-glare.

This device not only allows you to read from a large list of e-books, but you could also view pictures and listen to music. By adding music onto the internal storage or the SD card, the music player can play MP3, WMA, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and OGG file formats Listen to music with the 3.5mm headphone jack and the sound quality actually comes through quite nicely.

The pictures you load up onto your e4 Mini, realize that these picture will be downsized in resolution as well as turned to black and white. I am not saying that your pictures will turn out bad, I actually enjoy looking at images in the black and white setting. When using this device, you have these options to choose from, but also an entire menu of other options and programs. You can even use the built in FM radio tuner!

The e4 Mini e-Reader has convenient page up/page down buttons on the left and right side of the screen. Use thes to change pages or to change the option selection. The e4 Mini has the three functions at the top of the options list. Library for all of your e-books, Pictures to view your album, and Music to listen to anything you have added to your e4 Mini. The other options include Explorer, Favorites, Last Read, Settings, User Manual, and Radio FM.

Take your time and look into the settings options. Get to know your e4 Mini and let it charge up when you first take it out. The battery seems to last quite a while, but I do not have an actual timeline. A great e-Reader for the road and to have in your pocket no matter what situation. Charge with a microUSB cable and once you have a full battery, you will be able to enjoy any book at your choosing.

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