Etekcity Dual Laser IR Infrared Thermometer Gun

April 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The IR Infrared thermometer no-contact gun (DT8580) is a perfect tool to have around the house. Read temperatures in celsius or fahrenheit with the crisp clear LCD screen that also has a backlight option. Cooking out on the grill and you want to check the temp of the meat or you want to see what temp an object is before touching, this thermometer is perfect to measure temperatures from -58 to 1076°F (-50 to 580°C).

The IR gun comes with a holder/holster that can also attach to a belt with the loop and has a velcro top, this protects the IR gun and also makes it easy to travel with. The device has an automatic shut off after it hasn't been used in 15 secons and also has a low battery indicator.

Etekcity IR Thermometer Gun

Below the screen, the device has 4 buttons. Top middle buttons allows you to toggle the backlight, bottom middle button allows you to change the mode for the IR temp gun, and the two side buttons change your selectron up/down. These controls help customize how you want to read the temperature and how it gives you the data.

The IR Infrared Thermometer Gun utlizes two lazers that are geared to give you the most accurate reading possible and the customizations also allow you to get an accurate reading on large or small objects.

The device takes a 9V battery and with it's auto shutoff, the battery lasts a long while. This device can also read moving objects and has a easy squeeze trigger to take the readings. When pressing the trigger, hold until the temp is constant and let go of the trigger. This will allow the temp to be displayed along with the other data.

Perfect for grilling or cooking, checking to see if a machine is warming up, working on cars, or just wanting to take the temp of any object, just make sure you keep the laser away from eyes.