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Welcome to Everything HTPC & Home Theater! We discuss the latest Android media boxes to building your own HTPC. Look out for upcoming articles and new HTPC submitted pictures!

HTPC & Home Theater Picture Winner!

February 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


Since no one has submitted a photo, my HTPC receiver case will stay on the front page.

Old Receiver HTPC White-Out Reviews


Posted by Kevin White


An HTPC is a Home Theater Personal Computer. This device can be built just like a normal computer or you could look into other solutions such Media Center PCs and Android Media Players. There are also plenty of other non specific OS Media Players that are worth looking into as well. I built my HTPC and put the pieces and parts into my gutted receiver case. I really liked my decision to use an older style receiver and I was able to use the LED array from an unused LED exit sign. I placed the LEDs on the front for a nice bright color for the open tuner window. I wired a key switch to the power on/off jumper and added a cheap brass looking temp gauge. I really want to start a SteamPunk project, but I am not sure I have the patience for plumbing and gears.

Top Movies To Show Off Your HTPC

Posted by Kevin White


Top 10 Movies To Show Off Your HTPC Power! (IMO) - From Avengers to other action blockbusters, this review has the top ten to show off your HTPC! Big action and in depth CGI make a unique experience, and you want to be able to enjoy that at home. Read Review


The Best HTPC Software - XBMC Media Player

Posted by Kevin White


XBMC Media Player Software - When you build or buy an HTPC or Media Player, the next big task is software. XBMC is the way to go if you want excellent functionality and the ability to play most if not all of the formats and file extensions out there. Take a look at why you should pick XBMC and spend some time with the software to enhance your Home Theater experience. Read Review

HTPC Hardware

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HTPC Hardware - This is a list of the hardware we used in our custom HTPC build. There are many different builds and options you can achieve, here is just what we used.

HTPC Forum

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