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SpaRoom Essentials Aromamist SpaRoom Essentials Aromamist Ultrasonic Mister - This awesome ultrasonic mister will keep your rooms smelling great for up to 3 hours consistantly. Use regular water and a few drops of the oils and you are set. Read Review

Xzaler System 100% Smoke and Odor Eliminator Xzaler System 100% Smoke & Odor Eliminator - This device works by delivering the smoke from your mouth into a hose. Once the smoke is in the hose, it goes through a filtration system and cleans the air. Read Review

Spoonk Acupressure Mat and Travel Mat Spoonk's Acupressure Mat + Travel Mat - These mats from Spoonk help with pain releif, relaxation, and releasing endorphins to your brain. This mat will help you get rid of daily pain and help keep it away. Read Review

EZ Breathe Atomizer EZ Breathe Atomizer - This is an OTC Asthma inhaler that utilizes an Atomizer to deliver the medication through a spray that you inhale. Perfect to temporarily releive your Asthma symptoms. Read Review

Dr. Klear's Lung Cleaner Dr. Klear's Lung Cleaner - Is an Inhaler with natural and herbal ingrediants and no prescription needed. Can help with irritation and symptoms of allergens as well as asthma. Read Review

Etekcity Dual Laser IR Infrared Thermometer Gun Etekcity Dual Laser IR Infrared Thermometer Gun - This IR Thermometer gun is perfect for checking the temperature of the meat on your grill, or taking the temp of any object with extreme precision. Read Review

Etekcity pH Testing Pen Etekcity High Accuracy pH Testing Pen - Etekcity has an excellent pH testing pen that comes with a carrying case and is easily used. Follow the instructions and you will be able to test your liquids. Read Review

K-TOR Pocket Socket 2 K-TOR Pocket Socket 2 - Hand crank generator for a 110 Volt, 2 prong outlet with a 10 watt hand crank. This generator will supply power to your smart devices and power banks, among other devices. Read Review

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