HooToo Wireless Network IP Security Camera

June 27, 2013Posted by Kevin White


Out of the box, this IP Network Camera is intense! I love the look of it and how it has a fully rotatable head. You have two options for the network, you can either have it wired in or wireless. I found that setting the IP Camera up on the hard wired connection was easier than if I tried with the wireless. The camera housing has plenty of IR so you can see just as well at night as you can during the day.

Don't get too scared that when you plug in your IP Network Camera it starts to rotate like someone else is controlling it. This is just the camera calibrating itself to a centered position. Once you set it up and you can view from your computer, you can then access the controls to move the camera in any direction you want.

HooToo Wireless IP Camera

I had some troubles getting it to work through Internet Explorer, so make sure you read the directions very thoroughly. My problem was thinking I had all the Active X settings enabled, but found after trying a few times that I needed to check those settings out. To be honest, it was my fiancé who thoroughly read the instructions and gave me hope as she enabled all of the settings. After she enabled everything and we refreshed Internet Explorer we were set! If you want an easier time with compatible browser, try using Chrome.

The crisp color and the image quality of this camera is fantastic! When the lights are on, you can more than identify the perpetrator in your home, but you could also see who is sneaking all those beers from the fridge. The quality of this camera at night is just as good, so you can monitor day or night and verify that only the wild animals are roaming around while you are gone.

You can have two way voice communication as well, which makes this device even more amazing for the price. As long as you have a microphone, you can project your voice to those people in your house without authorization. Eliminate the threat of a teenage party and broken glass all over the house, and if need be you can yell at those teenage kids all the way from France!

Having this little device up and running definitely makes me feel more secure in our home. Being able to check out what's going on, no matter where as long as you have an internet connection makes this device ultimate. You can set it up so that it starts to record on a motion detection setting. Setup for any of these options are very easy, as they are given to you once you are logged into the IP Network Camera.

The HooToo Wireless Network IP Camera only requires power to be connected to it, other than that it can function wirelessly. If you don't have a wireless router at this point and you still have a wired network, this will require an extra cable running from the camera. I think it looks absolutely fine in the corner up on the wall, and really isn't noticeable unless you glance over. The only thing to give this camera away, is the red light letting you know its functioning. This IP camera can also be used with Power over Ethernet (PoE).

If you are looking for that little extra security at home, or you have been the victim of any break ins, or even if you are just paranoid of the zombie apocalypse, this is a great buy! This camera gets the job done, and with grace. Having the camera connected to my network wirelessly I don't have too much lag between what happens on camera and when it shows up on my live feed.

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