Hooshion Samsung Galaxy S5 Mesh Armband Case

May 29, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The mesh running case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 by Hooshion, is a great tool to have if you are a runner/jogger/walker. This armband case fits comfortably around your arm and has a front screen protector that allows you to use your S5 and keep it safe.

Utlizing the mesh material, this case is able to breathe and keep your S5 from getting drenched from your sweat. The material also helps preventing cutting blood circulation to your arm.

Hooshion Samsung Galaxy S5 Mesh Armband Case

The front screen protector fits flush up against your Galaxy S5 screen and allows for optimal touch freedom. This allows you to use your phone like normal through the screen protector as some are too stiff or thick of material to get an efficient touch.

The case is fully adjustable and can fit any arms. This case is built for action, but doesn't sacrifice it's safety, security, and phone utilization. At the top of the case, above the screen protector, there is a slot open for the front facing camera and speaker for phone calls. Having your S5 inside of this case, you could be running your fastest and the smartphone will never fall out

If you are looking for a Samsung Galaxy S5 case that will keep up with your active lifestyle, give you hands free freedom, along with listening to your music, and answering calls, look no further!

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