K-TOR Pocket Socket 2 - Hand Crank Generator

May 20, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The Pocket Socket 2 is one of the greatest products to have for many situations. The hand crank generator allows you to plug into a 2 prong outlet and start cranking to generate the power. Hookup to a power bank or your smartphone, then you are converting the energy into stored power and are able to make emergency phone calls or utlitize a power bank flashlight.

K-TOR Pocket Socket 2

Using the Pocket Socket 2 is very simple. When opening the package, the rubber band around the device needs to be removed and the hand pedal extended. Plug in your 2 prong socket device, power bank or smartphone would be ideal, and start cranking.

Once you start cranking, you will notice that the smart device or power bank will light up and begin to start charging the battery. As long as you are keeping a solid number of cranks, the battery will stay charging. After a while, the batter should have enough battery power stored to make a phone call or utilize apps like flashlight.

The Pocket Socket 2 powers a 120 Volt outlet with a 10 watt hand crank generator. This allows you to charge a wide range of devices, including smart devices and rechargeable batteries. This also charges at a rate a wall outlet would deliver, as long as you are keeping up with cranking.

This device is perfect for power outages, camping, emergency kits, and just to keep around in your vehicle. Who knows when you might be faced with a power shortage and you need only a small charge to make that extra phone call. Use your time and charge a power bank, this will allow you to power other devices as well, once the power bank is fully charged.

When this device is not being used, remove the device that is pluged in, fold in the pedal, and wrap the rubber band around it. This will prevent any damage to the device and will allow for a long lasting product. Cranking the pedal was very sturdy and the overall device seems high quality and durable. Check out their site Here and see what other products they have.

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