KaiJudo: Trading Card Game (TCG) Clash of the Duel Masters

January 14, 2014Posted by Kevin White


KaiJudo is a new Trading Card Game. They now have new sets out and you can find more information about new sets on our KaiJudo Expansion Page

I use to be a Magic: The Gathering fiend and played every chance I could get, now it's less often, but it's still fun. KaiJudo is very similar in the way of Magic, with some definite different game mechanics and rules.

Starting the game, you need a deck of at least 40 cards or more. Shuffle the deck and roll a dice or some other way to see who goes first, and then the first 5 cards of your library go face down into your "Shield Zone". After you have your Shield Zone setup, both players draw 5 cards.

KaiJudo TCG

Each player can play only one "mana" per turn, unless a card says otherwise. The mana used in this game are actually your creatures and spells. Place a creature or spell into your mana zone and ignore all text on the card. The card now functions as mana and can be tapped to "charge" mana to summon creatures or cast spells.

The upper left corner has the number of mana you need to have charged before you can cast the spell or creature. You also must have the mana from that civilization to be able to cast a creature or spell from it's civilization.

The bottom left corner has a number of the toughness the creature has and will be utilized in combat resolution. You can also find spell types and creature types on your cards.

Creatures have to be specific as to what they can do. Either attack or block or attack and block, but there should be a definition of what the creatue can do. Same with spells, there should be a clear definition of what the spell can do and when it's active.

The Shield Zone is what prevents you from taking damage. The only other way to block damage are with specific blocking creatures. When a creature blocks, see if the damage kills the attacking creature, or if it kills your defending creature. If you don't have any blocking creatures, your opponent picks a shield for each incoming damage and destroys that shield. Some cards feature a special ability called "Shield Blast". With Shield Blast, you can play that card instantly and without paying it's mana costs. You also will find that some cards help add shields to your zone, this can be a life saver in desperate times.

I know I don't have the entire list of the rules, but a general guide as to how to play felt required. Especially given the differences between certain TCG's. I really enjoyed the switch up from the casual Magic game to KaiJudo. It was familiar enough as a card game, but new and fun. I enjoy the new game mechanics and the different rules as it helps to add strategy to a whole new game.

The set I first tried out was the Shattered Alliances edition, and there are a slew of cards to collect. Building decks has brought a new and inventive way for strategy, especially with the way you charge mana in KaiJudo. I will be looking forward to playing more and getting updated with the new sets.

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