KangerTech Protank-2 E-Cigarette Tank

April 15, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The Protank II is an excellent tank to combine with your E-Cigarette kit. IT can handle a 510 thread and is a strong glass tank that will allow a large fill. The tank has an excellent screw in base that allows you to remove it and fill the tank with liquid as well as changing the "wick".

It's 2.5ml tank allows for all liquids types and flavors and won't degrade or expose the liquids to chemicals. Some cheaper tanks could degrade over time and eventually get into the liquid you are vaporizing.

KangerTech ProTank - 2

The changeable bottom and coil allow for this tank to be fully cleaned and replaced. The tank also has a removable mouth piece that can be cleaned as well. The tank also features a shroud to make sure the 510 thread is acheivable with other batteries.

This tank will make sure you can get the most out of your flavors as well as adding large amounts of smoke. Achieve large clouds that keep the flavor, with an adjustable battery, this tank will perform even better.

Mix in other flavors to find what fits you best, this tank can handle it all. Affordable and one of the best on the market, it's versatile with almost all e-cigarette batteries.

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