Keedox VGA to HDMI Converter

April 11, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This VGA to HDMI converter from Keedox is powered by USB and doesn't require any additional drivers to use. The converter takes a VGA signal (through the VGA Input) and converts it to an HDMI signal that can be used by HDTVs or HD ready devices.

The VGA to HDMI converter features an On/Off switch on the side, VGA input as well as Audio input (3.5mm), and an HDMI output. The device is powered by USB and can be powered by using your computer or other USB devices.

Keedox VGA to HDMI Converter

Keedox not only takes the VGA signal and converts it to a 720p or 1080p HD display, but also can convert the audio signal to take with it. Simply use an AUX cord and connect the computer audio to the converter along with the VGA. Once these are plugged into the input side, the HDMI cord will output to your HD ready display the converted signal along with the converted audio.

With how small this device is, it's perfect for computers or other systems that are using dated VGA video support. Take the old non HD VGA signal and convert it for an upconverted HD signal.

Since the converter utilizes audio with the video input/output, it's a one stop solution for utilizing an older system with an updated HD display. Connect that old computer that houses old photos or videos to your new HDTV and not worry about finding expensive cables or old monitors/VGA displays.

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