Keedox Mini HD Media Box

April 11, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The Mini HD Media Box from Keedox is packed full of features and comes in a small, travel size form factor that will be sure to impress. The mini media box has all the features and goodies for connecting and displaying media content from a local source.

This small media box displays content and upscales to full HD 1080p. The mini also supports most if not all HD file formats and codecs, audio formats, and picture formats.

On the front of this device, you will notice a USB port for USB hard drives, Flash drives, and other USB related devices. The USB port runs at 2.0 speeds, but I didn't notice any video lag or performance issues. Also located on the front are LED Notification light, IR for the included remote, and an SD/MMC card reader. Having the card reader and the USB port, there shouldn't be any media that you cannot play witht his media box.

Keedox Mini HD Media Box

On the back of the mini HD media box, you will see a power input, HDMI output, and an A/V output. The HDMI output connects to your HDTV or HD ready device and shows up instantly. This is a standalone media player that does not offer network or streaming capabilities. The user interface is basic and doesn't need too many features. Everything worked fine and discovered all of my media content without any hassle.

Simply take your USB hard drive or USB Flash drive and connect to the USB port on the Mini HD Media Box. After this is plugged in, go to the appropriate menu for the content you are trying to display. When you click on either File, Movie, Music, or Photo menu options, the device scans the USB and SD/MMC ports for the local files. Once you have them inserted into the Mini HD Media Box, it will display in the appropriate USB or SD/MMC file folders.

An easy to use interface and straightforward playing/reading content, this affordable device is perfect for travel. This device is also perfect for sharing photos or videos of vacation or memorable moments with multiple people. Display the content on the HD Display in an upscaled 1080p resolution instead of passing around your smartphone or tablet.

This device only requires a single power outlet and since it runs a basic user interface, it's very fast. Fast at scanning for the media, as well as playing the media. It's dedicated to playing these files and formats without any lag or interference.

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