RockSteady Bluetooth Speaker from Killer Concepts

April 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The RockSteady Bluetooth speaker from Killer Concepts is a portable and durable speaker that cranks out excellent sound and bass. Listen to music at the highest volume and the clarity will definitely make you happy.

The speakers come out of the sides to give the experience of stereo audio. Most speakers have them in the front of the design, but having them on the sides allows them to hit your ears in a stereo fashion.

Killer Concepts Rocksteady Bluetooth Speaker

The RockSteady speakers have USB recharging capabilities as well as a full sized USB port for adding other types of media. Play music from a USB flash drive, Connect to the speaker with Bluetooth, and use the AUX feature for non Bluetooth music devices. This speaker has all of the features packed into a great portable design.

On the front of the speaker, there are the main function buttons. Starting from the left, you have Mode (Bluetooth mode, USB mode, and AUX mode), Play/Pause, Volume Down/Up, Reverse, and Skip. Another nice feature with this Bluetooth speaker, it has an answer call function. When an incoming call comes in, you can press the Play/Pause button to answer with the built in mic.

On the back of the RockSteady, starting from the left, there is a USB port, Micro USB port (Charging), Line-In/AUX, and the power switch. When the power is turned on, the device will have a blue LED light as a notification.

The RockSteady speaker has a rechargeable battery that is located on the bottom of the device. This battery is removeable, and if needed, you can replace with a likewise Li-Ion Battery. The charge last a long while and can be used while charging the speakers.

After this speaker was fully charged, we tested the speakers on a variety of different music genres and they all seemed to perform very well. These speakers perform well with a long battery life, and would be perfect to bring to the beach, work, or cleaning at home (among many other scenarios)

The RockSteady from Killer Concepts has been built with durable and touch material that can be sure to withstand a clumsy or rugged lifestyle. These speakers are great for travel, vacation, rock climbing, or relaxing.

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