KINGLAKE Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

June 3, 2014Posted by Kevin White


KINGLAKE has a great sounding speaker that is waterproof and features a suction cup mount for easy placement. Take this speaker in the shower, to the pool, or any dry surface as well, like your windshield, or mirror.

This IP67 rated speaker is dustproof and waterproof and also provides excellent sound for when you are playing music. This device can reach great bass levels without much distortion at higher volume levels, as these speakers feature an enhanced bass audio with Bluetooth that will make audiophiles do a double take.

KINGLAKE Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

The Bluetooth functions flawlessly with this speaker and is easy to connect to. Connect the KINGLAKE speaker to your smartphone, tablet, or other music playing device that has Bluetooth and within seconds, you are connected and ready to play music.

The speaker features a 600mAh Li-Ion battery that is rechargeable through the provided charging cable. This speaker should last around 8 hours of playtime, which should be enough time to enjoy a day at the beach or pool or even during a drive.

This speaker also features a built-in microphone that allows for hands free calling and answering. On the top of the speaker, you have a few buttons: Power, Pause/Stop, Volume Down/Reverse, Volume Up/Skip, and Answer Phone. Pressing and holding the power button allows the device to turn on and a LED light with notify you of the power on. You can pause music to your Bluetooth device by simply pressing the button on the speaker and music will stop, but you can also adjust volume as well as skipping to the next song.

The large suction cup allows for you to mount this speaker to almost any smooth surface and it stays for a long time or until you remove it. With this speaker providing quality sound and music for hours, you can take it just about anywhere. Take a look at KINGLAKE's waterproof speakers and tell us where you take yours!

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