Kinivo Portable Bluetooth Speaker ZX100

April 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The ZX100 portable Bluetooth speaker from Kinivo is full of surprses. This small, pocket friendly speaker has great sound and also features an extendable cone for better sound quality. The extension can be placed back when you are done using the speaker by pushing down and twisting it the way it instructs you.

Kinivo's Bluetooth speaker has a built in 3.5mm AUX cord to hook up to non-Bluetooth capable devices and also has a microUSB port for charging. You can charge this speaker while using it as well, which makes it very useful.

Kinivo Bluetooth Speaker ZX100

The ZX100 features Volume+/- buttons and a power button to activate the device. These buttons are slick as they do not look like buttons. The red on the corner of Volume +/- and power symbols are the buttons.

This little speaker is able to crank out some pretty decent volume without distortion and can also go everywhere with you. The ZX100 also has an LED indicator light, letting you know when the device is on.

When you turn on the device, search for it with your Bluetooth capable device, or plug in the 3.5mm supplied cable into a music device. Once the speaker is connected to the music device, this speaker is ready to go.

With this small portable Bluetooth speaker from Kinivo, you can take your music anywhere and play music for hours. You can control the volume and play/pause with your phone, but you could also control the volume directly from the speaker.

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