Koller Craft AquaTunes 180 3.5 Gallon Fish Tank

May 12, 2014Posted by Kevin White


AquaTunes is an awesome fish tank that not only holds water, but comes with a filter, pump, hood with lights, and even more. This tank features a speaker with a microSD slot as well as an AUX port to hook up almost any music player.

The 3.5 gallon tank is made of plastic and holds water very well. The plastic is durable and you would have to really mistreat it for it to crack or break. The tank supports the full amount of water and is very easy to clean as well as place it almost anywhere.

Koller Craft AquaTunes 180 3.5 Gallon Fish Tank

This tank comes with the water pump and filter, but I had some issues with the pump. After a few days, the pump started to make an unusual noise and was barely pumping the water back out. I filled more water in, but it preceeded to create noise.

The hood comes with a removable light that also has the speaker and SD card. The lights were great and had many different colors to add effects and mood to not only the tank, but the room it was in. With 10 different lighting settings and even a color blend effect, this tank was very fun to add to.

The speaker was actually better than I thought it would be. Having the ability to play music and sounds as if it were a sound machine, you could give your fish and your home the feeling of ocean waves or a rainy evening. These sounds were comforting and very fun to use, but using regular music wasn't as exciting. Playing music through the speaker proved to be less powerful, but I could understand why you wouldn't want a loud song wreaking havoc on the inside for the fish. You could add your very own sound effects as well to the SD card for the speaker to play.

The AquaTunes is a great tank to use in your home, office, or even a childs room. Add the color element along with the sounds of nature, really make this whole unit a great product. The layout of the tank, gives you plenty of room to add scenery and it's a perfect size to fit in many places.

The hood comes off easily and even has a small hole that you could put food through. With a range of 4 colros and a wide range of effects, this product makes normal tanks very boring. I really enjoyed the nature sounds along with the lighting and having it an all in one set for an affordable price makes it even better.

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