Lalbay 7" Android 4.2 Multi-Touch Tablet (LRTAB4GB7)

May 21, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This had to be one of the worst tablets I have ever used. Everything from the screen resolution/quality, to the terrible craftmanship and manufacturing of the tablet. This device has some decent hardware, but for some reason, nothing seems to want to work together. The Lalbay R Tab series has left a very bad impression and I hope they have better products to make up for this loss.

Lalbay Android Tablet

To start off, the glass edges were never shaved down or finished shaping and when we opened up this tablet, the glass had cut my finger. Second, the entire system moves very slowly while installing apps, using apps, playing any sort of game (no matter how low quality it was), and even the camera functionality was slow.

When taking this tablet out of the box, we gave it a full charge and began to use it. Installing regular apps such as, Pandora, Angry Birds, and a few other essentials. Once these apps were installed, they took forever to load and had very serious video lag during game-play.

The 800X480 screen resolution should have looked as terrible as it was. This device seemed to have a 3D looking screen, only without the 3D. Blurry and just bad visual quality compared to all the other tablets out there.

The WiFi seemed to have worked fine and overall, the tablet has all the feature you might find on a more expensive tablet, but you get what you pay for. With Lalbay, you are not paying for much and this tablet is more of a paperweight now.

The tablet utlizes a multi-touch capacitive screen, 4GB of internal storage, and also utlizes DDR3 memory. This device uses a Rockchip dual core processor and I do not know what frequency it's running at.

If you are looking for a functional tablet for the same amount of money, keep looking. This device is not worth the frustration and the hours of waiting for a simple app to install or load.

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