Lenmar Goliath PowerPort Universal Laptop Power Pack

June 17, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The PowerPort (PPU916RS) is a universal laptop power pack that can handle recharging your laptop on the go. Just like a power bank, this power pack holds a charge and can recharge your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The PowerPort has few different options located on the side. Charge your devices using USB or charge your laptop using the "output" port. The device comes with all the different adapters to fit your laptop and also has a switch to allow either a 16V or 19V charge.

Lenmar PowerPort Goliath PPU916RS

The PowerPort utlizes a 16,500mAh battery and is fully capable of giving you the extra charge to get what you need done, and stay mobile. No need to have an outlet nearby when you have the PowerPort that can effectively charge your device.

The device is very compact and can fit inside your travel bag along with your laptop. You can charge your laptop as well as your smartphone at the same time and can provide power for up to 4 hours.

The Goliath PowerPort has 5 LED notification lights that let you know when it's powered on and how much battery is left. This is extremely useful when you are dependent on the power and you can save your data before using all of the saved power.

When using this device, make sure you check all of the adapter fittings and make sure you have the adapter that is correct for your brand of laptop. The best part of Lenmar, they give you everything you need in the box.

Best features are the compact size and the large amount of power it provides. Charging this device is very easy as well and can be done with a wall outlet. Once this device is fully charged, you can utilize when you need the power and make sure you charge your smartphone and laptop.

Check out their site here, and take a look at what you will need to power your laptop and check out their other excellent chargers.

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