Loftek Nexus 543 IP Security Camera

November 14, 2013Posted by Kevin White


This is a great, affordable security solution for your home or business. 

The Nexus 543 has a long body and is slightly larger than other IP surveillance camera's. It's not too large and has a silver sleek look. The Nexus 543 comes with an antenna for the wireless users and an Ethernet jack for a hard wired connection. I prefer to use the wireless option as it optimizes the locations of my cameras. 

Loftek Nexus 543 IP Security Camera

Once you open up the box, attach the wireless antenna, power it on and hook in an Ethernet cable to your router, it's time for setup. Definitely read the instructions carefully, as you need to setup the wireless IP address separate from the wired IP address. The instructions are very easy to read and the install of the given software was quick. Once you have gone through the instructions and you have setup your wireless IP address, you can disconnect the Ethernet cable and place the IP camera where it's needed.

The Nexus 543 is a stationary IP camera and lacks the controls for camera movement. I have mine setup in a corner and the camera is able to capture the entire room, therefore not having a need to move the camera.

The camera features 36 infrared LED's for optimizing clarity in the dark and also benefits from having an IP66 waterproof rating for outdoor usage. The Nexus 543 gives a few options of video quality for different user preferences and consists of VGA,QVGA, QQVGA and MJPEG. This is great to have if you have slower network speeds with your router or switch. The antenna uses an 802.11B/G standard and I think that needs to be improved to N. 

The software features how to remote into the camera, change the video settings and capture speeds as well as setup to be controlled by almost any smartphone. You can also use any major browser to remote into the camera as well. I prefer Google's Chrome as it seems to run smoother with the needed plugins.

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