Peerless-AV PeerAir Wireless HD Multimedia System

May 20, 2014Posted by Kevin White


PeerAir (HDS-WHD100) is an amazing product to have for your home and even in an office. This device utlizes a transmitter and receiver for wireless HDMI capabilities. I used my PlayStation 4 to test out PeerAir and it amazed me every time I used it. This device worked flawlessly and with lossless HD quality, I could not have been happier using this product.

Peerless-AV PeerAir Wireless HDMI

I plugged in the HDMI cable from my PlayStation 4 into the HDMI Input for the PeerAir Transmitter, then plugged in an HDMI cable from the transmitter to the HDTV HDMI input. After everything was hooked up, I went to the lower level's TV and plugged in the HDMI cable from the receiver into the HDMI input into the HDTV. After I had hooked up everything accordingly, I was able to turn on my PS4 with my controller and with the transmitter and receiver powered on, I was able to play Call of Duty: Ghost in a completely different room.

Using this device gave me the ability to not only play on the main TV, but if that tv was being used, I could take my play time to another HDTV. This device takes the HDMI signal and wirelessly transmitts to the receiver and displays perfectly onto the second HDTV. As long as the transmitter and receiver are both powered, this device will deliver you HD content directly to your HD ready device and with 0 lag.

I could not believe how fast and efficient the wireless transmitting was. How incredibly fast and with 0 lag or HD quality loss. This device not only gives you the option of playing your console on other HDTVs, but also giving you the option to have your HTPC running on any TV in your home instead of just the Home Theater. You could also use this device to a Blu-Ray player and enjoy movies or TV anywhere you need and even watch 3D content. Stream whatever HD content you want and up to 100ft away.

The wireless HDMI transmitter allows you to connect up to two HDMI devices and stream one at a time. On the transmitter and receiver, there are buttons to enable which HDMI device you want to use. These devices also have USB ports to enable mouse or keyboard functions as well as other console functions like cameras or extra controllers. This device supports up to 5.1 surround sound with digital audio and also comes with a IR remote with pre-programmed buttons.

The possibilities are endless once you have the power of PeerAir. This device was truly one of the best products I have ever used. It's functionality and amazing features are worth looking into and trying it out for yourself. Take a look at their site Here

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