QNAP HS-210 SilentNAS - Home Media Storage Center

February 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


QNAP has an amazing NAS solution for Home Theater use. The HS-210 SilentNAS is a Home Media Storage Center that houses up to 2 internat SATA hard drives.

The HS-210 has a stylish and creative removable front panel. Behind this panel are the removable trays for the NAS approved hard drives. An easy pull on the front panel will remove it and you will notice it attaches back on perfectly with the use of a magent. I really enjoyed the slick design behind this SilentNAS.

Once the removable trays are available, you can push the tab in and pull them out, install your hard drives, and power on the HS-210. If you have used a QNAP Network Attached Storage before, the next step is the setup and is very user friendly.

QNAP HS-210 SilentNAS

When you start the setup for your HS-210, the hard drives will be wiped and then QNAP software will install. Make sure to back up your infomation before allowing the NAS unit to install.

This is a fanless, silent, and slick looking network attached storage and that makes it perfect for the home theater. Housing 2 SATA hard drives, you could have the HS-210 running along with your other equipment and you won't have to risk hearing any noise at all. The enclosure keeps the hard drives pretty insulated and you don't hear the hard drives spin up or down when in use. If you have SSD hard drives, then you won't need to worry about any noise at all.

QNAP has designed this fanless NAS with a unique thermal deisgn. The top of the device allows for heat to dissipate and keep the unit ultimatley cool, and since your dissipating the heat through the top, no fans needed. They really did an excellent job with this creative and excellent looking design. Definitely acceptable to be in a Home Theater.

The HS-210 features 2 internal SATA hard drive enclosures, 4 X USB ports and 2 of those being SS USB 3.0. 1 X Gigabit Ethernet port, media card reader, power input, and the power button. I also liked how they placed the power button on the back to keep a sleek and clean looking design on the removable front.

After setting up the HS-210, you can look forward to a large list of apps for your NAS. You can turn your Home Theater into an all in one digital hub. A few example of the apps you can install and use are:

Sharing Center for your Home Theater, Photo Albums, Music Player, Movie Player, Dropbox, Surveillance Station, and a perfect all in one center to share your media on the network and with other devices..

These apps can help you with multiple solutions. Check on your network IP cameras in your home by downloading the Surveillance Station Pro, Share your music and other media files with your Home Theater equipment and notice the seemless integration and reliability of your NAS.

You can access the HS-210 with your tablets and other mobile smart devices and the HS-210 can also run off of Wi-Fi with some advanced user skills. The Wi-Fi on the HS-210 has a large number of supported devices and was decently reliable while using it. The bonus for NAS is the reliable Gigabit hard wire connection.

The HS-210 can be used anywhere with how silent it is and being able to house large capacity hard drives and share/stream onto the network with Gigabit speeds, it really is a Home Media Storage Center.

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