QiFull QT20 Wireless Charger

May 12, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This Qi-enabled wireless charger is a great tool for your smartphone. This charger allows the smartphone to regain battery life by simply placing the Qi-enabled device onto the specified area. This helps reduce the amount of USB cables and also gives you freedom to remove the phone when you want without having to disconnect anything.

Qifull QT20 Wireless Charger

The QT20 is smaller than other chargers, but still functions the same. The small circle pad where you place your smarphone is big enough to support even the larger Qi-enabled smartphones and gives a good connection for a secure charge.

This Qi charger has LED notification lights to let you know that the current device on the non slip padding is charging. With the slip resistant padding, you could place this charger just about anywhere, including your car.

The QT20 requires a microUSB cord to plug into a computer or other USB powered device and that's all that is needed for full functionality. This device is perfect for travellers and anyone on the go.

Qifull's QT20 has a great connection and allows you to use your device when you want and charge it how you want. Take it anywhere and let your smartphone charge, even while you are using it. Some smartphones with Qi-enabled batteries will inform you if there are any issues with charging, once you place the device onto the charging pad.

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