Qifull QT80 Qi Wireless Charger & 7000mAh Power Bank

May 6, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This Qi charger from Qifull is more than just a wireless charging pad. The QT80 is a Qi wireless charger, but also has a built in power bank. A true wireless approach as the power bank features a long lasting charge and no wires required.

I really enjoyed the interface of this power bank, with the battery level indicator as well as the touch sensitive power button. This power bank also has an automatic sensing for Qi approved devices and turns on when a device is placed on the designated Qi area.

Qifull QT80 Qi Enabled Power Bank

This power bank can help charge multiple devices without the need of too many wires. The Qi charging pad is large enough to accommodate most, if not all of the larger and smaller smartphones. With a long lasting battery and Qi pad, this power bank has one up over all the rest.

Charging the QT80 power bank can be done with a MicoUSB cable plugged into a power source, if it's a wall outlet with USB ports or a computer, this power bank will charge. Make sure the amperage output is higher, so the charging doesn't take too long.

When the power bank is fully charged, press the touch sensitive power button and the indicator will tell you how much life is left on the battery. The power bank also features a wireless charging LED indicator light and a USB port to charge your non-Qi enabled devices.

The power bank features a 7000mAh battery to charge your USB devices and also features a slip resistant material on the charging pad. These features help keep your smartphone safe while charging and helps keep it in place for the Qi to work it's magic.

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