QiFull QT10 Wireless Charger

May 12, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The QT10 wireless charger is a large smartphone charger that will fit any size smartphone that is Qi-enabled. This charger is capable of recharging battery life without the need of USB cables and makes it easier to withdraw your phone from charging without constantly unhooking the cable.

Qifull QT10 Wireless Charger

With the QT10, you will notice that there isn't the slip resistant material found on other QiFull products, but it does have the notification LED. The LED will move from blue to green when it begins to charge and will return to blue once the device is fully charged.

The entire top of the charger is capable of connecting to the batter and doesn't have a specific spot to put your smartphone on. Once you place your smartphone on top of this charger, you should be notified that your battery is charging.

When charging with the QT10, you can remove your smartphone and even use it while it's charging. You can pick your smartphone up off the charge and place it back when you are done using it. No need to disconnect or reconnect any USB cables when you have the Qi charger.

Check to see if your smartphone is Qi-Enabled, and if not, check to see if there are any accessories that could be added to make your device Qi-Enabled. Some smartphones do not have accessories or Qi-enabled batteries and cannot be used with these wireless chargers.

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