QiFull QT30 Wireless Charger

May 12, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The QT30, Qi-Enabled charger is a small, but powerful smartphone charger. This device has a non slip ring that keep the smartphone from falling and also is the best placement for a good contact and charge.

Qifull QT30 Wireless Charger

This wireless charger is fully capable of recharging Qi-Enabled smartphones and has excellent speed. Simply placing the smartphone onto the QT30 wireless charger will allow the batter to recharge without the need of USB cables.

Removing the USB cables from charging allows you to pick up your phone whenever you want and place it back when you need to charge. Also, you can use your smartphone when you are charging, to get the best of both worlds.

The QT30 from Qifull uses a built in 3-coil technology that will enhance your charge and increase the charging rate. Spend less time waiting for a full battery with the QT30 and charge when you like.

The QT30 is light and small enough to fit into a pocket and is perfect for travel. Use at home or when you are on the go, the slip resistant pad can also make great use for your vehicle. The QT30 also allows you to ditch the USB cords that can get in the way and instead of constantly disconnecting and reconnecting, you can place your smartphone down and pickup whenever.

When using the QT30, you will see a blue LED notification light, and once the smartphone is placed on top, the light will turn green. Green means the device is charging and will go back to blue once the device is fully charged.

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