SecurityMan IPCam-SD Network Security Camera

August 7, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The IPCam-SD has a wireless and or wired connection to your network. To setup quickly and accurately open the manual and follow the instructions. Being use to the setup of a previous unit from another company, I wanted to see the difference in difficulty in setting this camera up. 

I connected the router to the camera using an Ethernet cable and then connected the power to the back. I then opened and installed the software that will help you get the security camera installed onto your network. (not to mention it can handle up to 64 IP Cameras!) With simple install instructions I was able to pull up the software with no issues. I had to open the manual for this next part as you need to make sure you are assigning the new addresses to the wired and wireless connections correctly. After I assigned the IP addresses to the wired and wireless connections to communicate with my network, I was all set to unplug the Ethernet cable and permanently place my camera. 

SecurityMan IPCam-SD Network Security Camera

The software given with this IP security camera is amazing. You can connect up to 64 IP cameras and monitor them all. Also during setup going through and assigning the IP addresses was a lot easier than other software I have used. They have step by step instructions that make it very easy for anyone to setup. 

I can tell you the mounting hardware it comes with is very secure and the camera itself is very light. Looking at the back of this unit, I was impressed with available SD slot for recording files (SD matters now because this camera uses H.264) and I have used other units that advertise this slot being available, but actually did not. You also have an available option for a spot light integration with a 5v DC connection which would make motion detected recording amazing. I didn't get to test this, but having that option available is great. You also have 2 way audio with an built in mic for communication. 

The motion detected recording is perfect with the H.264 file format it records to. It's such a crisp quality with a large compression that allows the files stored to be manageable. If you look at most of the other security cameras on the market for the same price have the old MPEG4 or MJPEG file formats that record very large files and isn't as smooth. When you pan and tilt the motion is very fluid and doesn't skip around especially using wireless you would expect some skipping. 

This unit compared to most others on the market is far superior as you are going to want to pay for video quality. Why would you buy a security camera if you can't catch who has entered your home when the video feed live or recorded is too choppy? You should always check what file format the unit records to as it has a major impact on network usage and recording quality. 

Security Man got it right with the IPCam-SD. They took a great product and made sure it was better with spending time on the hardware that matters. I really enjoy that they include a very long power cord as well. I was able to hang the camera in the corner and it ran all the way to my outlet. previous units I have reviewed were very short and they came with a black cord. It didn't fit aesthetically and made it look like it didn't fit. This camera with the white wire makes it seem like it's not even there. 

The quality of this camera in light is fantastic and displays a smooth, fluid video feed to your laptop or computer. The same can be said about the night vision mode. The quality of the IR LED's brighten up and combined with the H.264 file format it's unlike any other security camera.

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