Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat + Acupressure Travel Mat

May 15, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The acupressure mat from Spoonk is a great cotton quality product that will help reduce stress as well as well as take care of those aches and pains. This mat can be rolled up and stored inside the carrying bag it comes with and the travel mat has velcro to keep from an unplesent poke when you aren't expecting it.

Spoonk Acupressure Mat and Travel Mat

When you open up the bag and unravel the acupressure mat, lay it down on a flat surface. Make sure you are wearing something your first time, as it might be a bit painful if you are not expecting it. This mat has a lot of pain relieving spikes that help release endorphins in your brain and help you relax. This can also take the attention away from other painful parts of your body as the receptors are being used at the same time.

This mat can help stimulate particular reflex points, eases tense muscles and also helps you relax. When using this mat, you should check out the multiple different uses. From laying on your back for back and neck symptoms, initiating deep sleep, abdomen relaxation, face massages, and a rise and shine treatment. Check out Spoonk's site where they show you how to use the mat in a variety of ways and also what the best treatment for yourself is.

The mat is very light weight and easy to carry and is perfect to pack away for travel, or to have it easily accessible in your home. The plastic spikes are made of high quality plastic and you shouldn't fear of breaking them. They feel great when laying on them (As long as you don't jump or slam down on them) and definitely feel better after using it a few times.

The travel mat is a perfect size to go anywhere. The mat features velcro to keep the mat from puncturing anything, but also to use as a pillow. Inside out and reversed, this travel mat can be used as an acupressure pillow or flatten for your feet or specific area of treatment.

Take a look at Spoonk's site and see if this acupressure mat would be a good match for you. I know it has helped with my back pain as well as achieving a great night sleep. I use a thin t-shirt while laying on it as I have not built up the tolerance for the direct contact.

Tell us how the Spoonk's acupressure mat helped you!

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