TaoTronics TT-HS01 Easy Adjustable Tablet Stand

June 17, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The TT-HS01 is an easy adjustable tablet stand with full motion and rotatable. This is a very sturdy floor stand that can handle any type of tablet and can be adjusted to many different heights. This stand can also bend to where you need it and give you optimal performance.

The tablet floor stand has a heavy bottom to make sure it doesn't tip or fall over and it is very sturdy. When placing your valuable tablet on the stand, there are two brackets that you can adjust to keep the tablet secure while rotating up to 360 degrees.

TaoTronics Tablet Stand TT-HS01

Putting the stand together is very easy and comes with instructions. After you have pieced it together, you will notice that it's very stable and can be used for a variety of situations.

Utlize this stand for presentations, playing music, reading a book, or just to sit down and be hands free while using your tablet. This customizable, adjustable, and 360 degree rotatable stand will be sure to give you the best performance no matter where you need it.

Make sure the brackets are tightened and that the stand is propery attached to the "goose neck" and you have yourself a perfect for any occasion tablet stand. If you are looking for a stand that will allow you to use any size tablet for presenting or just to have around your home, this fits every need.

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