TaoTronics Elune LED Desk Lamp

November 21, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The Elune is much more than a normal desk lamp. This lamp has 4 different settings, all with changeable brightness levels. The first mode is called "Reading" and has a bright white color. This is perfect and not too bright to blind your eyes on white paper. You can also dim the brightness down with the + and - buttons located above the modes. The second mode is called "Study" and has a blueish color. This light is softer on the eyes and can also be adjusted with the brightness buttons. The third mode is called "Relax" and has a soft yellow light. This light is very soft on the eyes and can match existing incandescent bulbs or 2700K CFL's. The fourth mode is called "Sleep" and it's even softer than the others. This would provide to be a decent night light or turn it on when others are sleeping so it doesn't blind them.

TaoTronics Elune LED Desk Lamp

Another really nice feature on this LED desk lamp is the 60 minute timer. You can hit the 60 minute timer button and the lamp will automatically shut off after 60 min. This is a really nice feature if you are reading in bed and frequently fall asleep with the lights on.

Since the desk lamp uses LED, you are looking at lower energy consumption which means energy savings. This is always helpful, especially if you are running your current incandescent desk lamp for a lot of hours.

One feature I found to be very useful and not seen on many other products is the USB charging port for smart phones, power banks, and any other USB chargeable devices. The lamp has multiples uses and has touch sensitive buttons. I enjoyed the design of the product and it's very stable as well. The light is adjustable with two hinges to get optimal use.

Only requirement is an open outlet and you are ready to start using this LED desk lamp. Having 5 different brightness modes on each of the 4 settings makes this a universal desk lamp and the LED light is a more natural light which helps to protect your eyes