Torchstar Dreamy Chasing-Effect LED Strip Light

April 16, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The chasing-effect LED strip light from Tochstar is an excellent decorative light to add to your home or business. Bright LED's, multiple colors, and enough effects to keep everyone entertained.

The LED strip has a 3M clear sticky back that can stick to almost any object. I use mine in my entertainment room, where we host poarties and play cards. These lights can be fun and entertain as well as provide excellent light.

Torchstar LED Strip Light

The strip is 16.4ft long and has 150 LEDs that are waterproof. The strip is also customizable, being able to cut the strip every 3 LEDs. Also, if you need to add an additional strip, the ends have connectors for multiple strips.

The strip light comes with the power that requires a single outlet, but the IR enabled power box that connects to the strip. The remote works up to 5 meters away and as long as it's pointed towards the IR receiver, it should work just fine.

The remote has a large amount of functions and effects and will not disapoint. Find something that fits the mood of the party, or get the party moving with a little help from the effects. These effects include:

Trail to the left/right, Horse race to the left/right, Spread to the left/right, Running to the left/right, Color Chase, Trail from two directions, Flash, Jump, and the dimming controls as well.

The stip is bendable and can form into corners very well. This stip can also increase the amount of lighting you have in a room without increasing your power bill. These LEDs are low wattage, but very efficient.

With how simple the setup is, using this strip light is easier. After you have setup the strip where you want, connect the power input and start using the remote. Go through all of the settings and find which one is right for you.

These could be perfect for businesses as well, adding decorative lighting with fun effects that are also waterproof could increase business and attract new visitors.

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