Abco Tech Bicycle Speaker with Bluetooth, AUX, and FM Radio

April 2, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This Bluetooth speaker is packed full of features and even has storage space to keep your Bluetooth smart device or AUX music player safe. The outside of the speaker is also feature enriched, with an easy to carry handle, straps for safe mounting, a clip for attaching, and front controls.

The speakers are kept safe inside the fanny pack like case with a mesh cloth material covering the front of the speakers. Unzip the case to find the speaker battery that is USB rechargeable and many other features. The battery/speaker also has AUX and a headphone jack for listening to music without Bluetooth and an on/off switch to power on and off the device.

Abco Bicycle Bluetooth Speaker

Another feature you will notice inside is the FM radio antenna wire. This wire is long enough to grab decent quality signals and play them back through the speakers for when you don't have a Bluetooth capable device or music player.

Getting the FM radio to work and utilize was a bit different and might require reading the instructions. By hitting AUX button , the mode can change from Bluetooth to the FM radio. When the radio is on, scanning is done by holding down the Reverse and Skip buttons until they change the station. Once you play around with the front buttons, you will figure out how to use the controls.

Abco Bicycle Bluetooth Speaker

On the front panel, there are buttons to control every aspect of the speaker. The controls consist of the Play button, Reverse & Skip buttons, Volume + & - buttons, and AUX (which can be used to change the mode selection).

These speakers can get very loud and they keep decent sound quality when pushed to higher volumes. This is a perfect speaker to always take with you on the go. It's called a bicycle speaker as it can clip or strap onto your bike for a more enjoyable ride.

No issues came to be when connecting through Bluetooth or AUX and the radio picked up stations perfectly. This is an All in One portable Bluetooth speaker that will do everything you need it to.

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