Aerb Multimedia HDMI Dock

February 12, 2014Posted by Kevin White


Aerb has a 3in1 Smart Multimedia HDMI Dock for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Note 2. This device features charging, data transfers, and HD video playback. With it's small form factor, it's very nice for on the go.

This device has an HDMI output for HD ready displays, a MicroUSB port for power, and two USB ports. The USB ports are perfect for adding in a mouse, keyboard, or remote and extending the functionality.

The dock has a flip up cradle that has the MicroUSB port for your S4 or Note 2. This port will charge your device, allow data transferring and HD playback on your HD ready display. Using the USB ports with an external hard drive can allow for media sharing as well as backing up information.

Aerb HDMI Dock

This is a perfect tool/accessory for on the go or even in your office. Your presentation is on your smart device and you don't have time to transfer? Use this dock to extend your phones display to the available HD display and present with a wireless remote.

Have you ever wanted to share photos or a video, but there are too many eyes to view it at once. Use this dock to share those photos and videos with everyone all at once. As long as you have a MicroUSB cord, USB charging device, and an HDMI cord, you can rule the screen and productivity.

The small form factor allows for easy travel, and very light weight. If you are looking to increase your productivity on the road or in the office, or you are looking to have a photo/video sharing session of the new family member, this dock is perfect.

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