Aerb Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard

January 29, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This multifunctional Bluetooth keyboard has a laptop style mouse pad and a full keyboard. The keyboard is compatible with Android 3.0+ tablets, smartphones, and other Android devices, Windows OS and Mac OS.

Aerb's Bluetooth keyboard is perfect for my HTPC. Paired with my USB Bluetooth dongle, I am able to control the mouse, mouse clicks (right and left), and the keyboard. Pairing is simple and once it's active, you will notice it's ready to be used.

The keyboard has a backlight that lights the keys and buttons for use in a dark room and there are several notification LEDs. Bluetooth Active LED, Battery Low LED, Battery Charged LED, and the fourth LED indicated Caps lock.

On the top of the keyboard, there is the switch to power on the device. From there you have all the keys you would find on a regular keyboard including numbers. You will also find a top row dedicated to specific functions. Perfect for turning up and down the volume and fast forward abilities.

Aerb Bluetooth Keyboard

With it's slick and comfortable design, using this keyboard with either one or two hands works efficiently both ways. This Bluetooth keyboard/mouse also have special function keys for even more abilities.

To charge the battery, simply plug into a USB chargeable source with the supplied micro USB cable. The battery life lasts for a decent amount of time and you can still use this device as it's charging.

Including a backlight for the keyboard was definitely a favorite. I am able to access and control my HTPC without having to turn the lights on to see what I am pressing. With the Bluetooth connection, I didn't notice any lag with the keystrokes and the mouse cursor was very smooth.

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