Apotop Wi-Reader (DW09)

March 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The Wi-Reader DW09 is an impressive, small, but powerful device that can make sharing media easy and fast. This device is a mobile/wireless personal cloud with wireless router capabilities.

Stream movies, music, or other media content to everyone around using the Wi-Reader app for Android and iOS. Connect up to 5 devices and start sharing your photos and videos with everyone. Great for vacations or work traveling and because it's so small, the Wi-Reader can go anywhere with you.

Apotop Wi-Reader DW09

The top of the device shows LED notification of what is in use and when the battery is dying. The DW09 features a 3 hour battery that can also charge your USB devices with the USB port on the front. Also located on the front of this device, the SD card reader is fully functional and can read/share your media and content. You will also notice a switch to enable the device to be on or off. When the device is on, you will see the LED notification lights come on.

The right side of this device has the rechargeable USB port and the Ethernet port for turning a hard wired network into a Wi-Fi available network. The speed of this wireless router is 150Mbps and utlizes the B/G/N standards.

The USB port can charge your devices, but remember it has a 3 hour battery life and when you are charging you are limiting the length of time to use the other features. Enjoy this device on vacation and share your memories and photos with your group without having to pass the smartphone/tablet around to everyone.

A perfect way to backup all of your media when combined with a PC or Tablet. Use the SD card to share the media onto your network and transfer photos and other media to a more permanent storage device.

A great idea for anyone who travels or goes on vacation as this small device can make a media sharing hastle into fun for the whole group and family.

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