Apotop Wi-Reader Pro (DW17)

March 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This small device is packed full of features and ways to improve productivity and connectivity. The Wi-Reader Pro is a mobile/wireless personal cloud device with wireless router abilities as well.

The Wi-Reader Pro (DW17) features a USB rechargeable battery and can run around 7 hours with it being used. You will see on the front of the device, a slot for SD and multimedia cards and a USB port. You can insert an SD card and share media with everyone and you can turn a USB hard drive into a network attached storage drive.

ApoTop Wi-Reader Pro DW17

On the right side of this device, you will see a switch that allows the device to perform different functions. The switch to the left activates an addition feature for the USB port, becoming a power bank that can charge your devices while using them to share. The switch to the right, activates the Wi-Fi feature and will allow users to connect to the device. The most important port if you are wanting to use Wi-Fi/Internet and share your media to everyone, you must have an ethernet cord available, but you can connect to this devices Wi-Fi as well.

When using the devices Wi-Fi, you can stream/share movies or other media while on the go. Share with up to 5 Android or iOS devices when you download the Wi-Reader app from the app store. Everyone can see the media on their own devices and you don't need to pass your phone or tablet around to everyone.

On the top of this device features LED notification lights for each feature that is being used. This can help monitor everything that is being used and will also let you know when the battery is close to dead.

I didn't have any issues connecting to the device when the Wi-Fi was used and sharing the media to friends went pretty smooth. I was able to use the SD card with photos and videos as well as the USB port to share even more content. The power bank worked, but I don't suggest relying on it for a full charge while using it for everything else.

The Wi-Reader is truly an all in one device. Allowing you to share your media, no matter what storage is used and charge your devices during your productivity. With it's small design and rechargeable battery, it's the ultimate portable personal cloud device. Easy to travel with for work or vacation and try out the Android or iOS app for even more support for this device.

Let us know what you would use this device for in the comments below!

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