Apotop Wireless Travel Wi-Fi Router (DW06)

March 28, 2014Posted by Kevin White


The Wireless Travel Wi-Fi Router (DW06) from Apotop is a great solution for those who travel and even for home use. Turn a wired network into a wi-fi network with the DW06 and that ordinary hotel/motel room, now has wi-fi for you to relax and stay productive.

The DW06 is powered by USB and can be used with any USB chargeable device. Use a laptop, PC, tablet, USB Outlet, or even a power bank to use this device. When you power the travel wi-fi router, you will be able to access the signal with your Wi-Fi capable device and use the internet that was once hard wired only.

Apotop Wireless Travel Wi-Fi Router DW06

The front of the DW06 has a USB port to charge your USB device and helps you stay fully charged and fully productive. To charge your USB devices while using the travel Wi-Fi router, use a USB wall charger to keep a good constant charge to the DW06.

This device is very small and can definitely fit in most places for when you travel. Make sure you always have Wi-Fi where you go, even with presentations or meetings that haven't upgraded to Wi-Fi yet.

The DW06 allows multiple devices to access the Wi-Fi and all can be connected to the internet. Wireless gives you many options, especially to be mobile and work in places other than hard wired designated areas only.

The travel router has an LED power indicator as well as an Ethernet port. Input the available Ethernet cord into the DW06 available port and you will be able to access the Wi-Fi without any hastle.

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