Batman Classic Logo Tire Cover

January 23, 2014Posted by Kevin White


I love Batman ( who doesn't?) and I was very excited about this tire cover. It fitted for a 30" tire and it also has elasticity, allowing it to stretch quite a bit.

The tire cover is black, with the classic yellow and black Batman symbol. It looks great and made from heavy black denim that is marine grade and a heavy fleece lining that protects the tire and protects the cover from distorting in the sun. I know the material used is extremely important because you want to be sure this will last for a long time.

Batman Tire Cover

Another reason to make sure the material used is of great quality, because you don't want moisture and other elements getting to your spare tire. This could cause rust and other issues later on.

The tire cover isn't heavy and is very easy to move around to make sure the symbol is even. Made with care and great materials, I am excited to have the Batman symbol on my Jeep Wrangler Sahara for years to come.

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