BestPet 73" Cat Tree With Cat Condos

March 25, 2014Posted by Kevin White


This is a very tall (73") Cat Tree with ladders, condos, and comfy spires. This is a cat tree that will definitely be treated as a new home for your furry family (especially if you have a comfy cat bed combined with the high up spires).

The cat tree comes in many pieces, but has very easy to follow instructions. Everything uses the provided allen key wrenches and the ladders are the only pieces that require a screwdriver.

BestPet Cat Tree

After the tree is fully constructed, you will see that it's very sturdy. The spires are on very tight and they don't bend or move, even when they might be a little more aggressive than normal. This tree can definitely handle wear and tear and will last a long time.

The tree's posts are all covered with the scratching rope and will help them scratch there instead of places they shouldn't. The tree also has two condos on different levels for very comfy sleeping quarters. I didn't see my cats use the ladders at all, instead they prided themselves on being able to jump as high as they could.

Cats often enjoy being higher up. The spires are sturdy and will allow them to snooze comfortably. The carpet used is a really soft material and has been able to hold up without any tears. The carpet covers the wood perfectly and there aren't any sharp edges or any worn down hazards. This is a perfectly safe cat tree for an affordable price.

We have two cats that have no been declawed. Having this cat tree helps them to stretch and clean their claws without scratching the furniture or woodwork in your home. Helping create better habbits, this tree offers a nice comfy home, and a great play spot. The hanging toys didn't last too long, but were a joy for them when they were attached.

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