Bytecc USB 3.0 Dual Head Docking Station

March 6, 2014Posted by Kevin White


Bytecc has an amazing solution to your office or home needs. This docking station allows for multiple display hook ups, mutliple USB 3.0 ports for added productivity, Gigabit Ethernet port for fast data transfer, and audio input and microphone input.

This docking station can turn any PC, Laptop, Tablet, or other USB device into a fully functional and productive machine. Simply plug in the power to an available wall outlet, plug the USB 3.0 into a computer, PC, Laptop, or Tablet, and let the drivers install. (you might have to install drivers manually depending on the OS)

Bytecc USB 3.0 Dual Head Docking Station

I was not required to install anything manually and the drivers were found and installed within seconds. I was able to use this docking station immidately. You might have to find yourself the "Display Link" drivers as they are required for the dual monitor or dual display to work properly.

The Dock also gives you plenty of USB 3.0 ports for Flash Drives or other USB gadgets or devices. This can allow for multiple external hard drives, USB mouse or USB keyboard, USB accessories to also enhance your productivity.

The Bytecc USB 3.0 Docking Station has an HDMI Port, DVI Port (both for adding more displays), Gigabit LAN port, Mic Input, Speakers Output, and two USB 3.0 ports.

Adding this dock to your office or cubicle would greatly enhance your experience and give you addons and accessories you couldn't imagine having before.

The Dock is quiet and you wouldn't even notice it was there, it allows me to use a dual monitor setup in my office as well as add more USB ports to my computer for data transferring and quick flash drive compatability.

Check out this dock if you are interested in one that will greatly increase your productivity as well as enhance your experience on a PC, Tablet, Laptop, or other type of compatible computer.

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