Bytecc USB 3.0 Hard Drive Docking Station

July 16, 2013Posted by Kevin White


The Bytecc Hard Drive Docking station, not only uses USB 3.0, but it's a SATA only platform. This is fine because all of my hard drives at this time are SATA, but could be a bummer for anyone looking to salvage the older IDE style hard drive that might still have pictures or videos of family functions. Don't be too sad though, you have plenty of other options available and that is the only negative feedback I can give on this unit. 

The Hard Drive Docking Station proved to work very well, even with an older laptop SATA hard drive I was using. I plugged in the interesting power supply into the back of the device, hooked the USB 3.0 cable to my USB 3.0 hub, and then pushed in the button on the back for power. The hard drive booted right up, no issues, and was easily recognized by Windows OS. (currently Windows 7 and Windows 8 tested by me)

Bytecc Hard Drive Dock

A huge feature with this device is the one press of a button will duplicate (clone) the main hard drive. This is great for someone who has a home network, or even for a techie in a company that needs to "ghost" computers. It was very simple with the included software, and I highly recommend you back up your pictures, videos, family outing memories with this device. 

With how easy it was to plug in your internal drive and how fast the USB 3.0 was, file transfer and file sharing was great. If you have a friend with media or files that are on an internal drive, you could also connect it to either rescue the files or transfer them. There are plenty of options for why you might want this device.

Thank you Bytecc for giving me and easy solution to retrieving and protecting my hard drive from deleting all of my memories. If you are looking for a docking station to setup file transfers, travel, or duplicate, this is a very strong device to have in your setup.

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