Bytecc 5-Port HDMI Switch

June 26, 2013Posted by Kevin White


This switch consists of 5 inputs and 1 output for easy switching between all of your HDMI devices. This HDMI switch comes with a remote as well so you can stay lazy on those lazy couch potato days. 

The Bytecc HDMI Switch was really impressive. The switch has 5 different inputs, and a remote to control which one you would like active. The remote worked flawlessly and so did the actual switch. I hooked my PS3, Bluray/5.1 surround sound, and my HTPC. I was able to switch from my HTPC to any other device very quickly and I didn't have to change the input on the TV. *Update* Now I am able to have my PS3, PS4, and HTPC hooked into my receiver!

The only downside to having the HDMI switch with my HTPC, is when I switch to another device and it "disconnects" the video connection. When I switch it back to my HTPC, it asks me every time if I want to configure my new settings. This can be expected though, as you are disconnecting the HTPC from the video output. *UPDATE* This no longer happens with my HTPC*

Bytecc HDMI Switch

The Bytecc HDMI Switch is very quick at switching to the selected input. I enjoy it because you don't have to use the sluggish input selection of the TV, and wait for it to grab the signal. I know we are talking seconds here, but if I don't have to wait, then I won't. 

You can use this HDMI switch for just about anything (as long as it's HDMI). If you have multiple computers and or multiple displays, you could use this device as well. Even with camera equipment, or surveillance equipment, this device could handle it all. 

The Bytecc HDMI Switch requires a wall outlet and that is all to power on the device. The remote is a small sized remote that only functions for the 5 inputs and to power on or off the switch. (not that you need it to do anything else) 

If you are looking for an affordable HDMI switch that has more than just a few inputs, then I suggest you stop looking.

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