Call Of Duty: Ghosts - PlayStation 4

January 14, 2014Posted by Kevin White


Call of Duty: Ghosts is another hit in the Call of Duty franchise. I played Ghosts on the PlayStation 4, and I loved it! Ghosts has a great campaign mode that takes you into the new world of COD.

Ghosts is about the resistance to an evil called The Federation. In the resistance, you will find yourself in a post apocalyptic era, taking on missions that require stealth and precision.

Going from the battlefield to flying helicopters, driving tanks, and invading skyscrapers, this game has a lot to offer. The campaign mode has many different levels along with new weapons and new explosives. *Spoiler - Don't shoot the sharks*

The multiplayer on Ghosts is a bit different from the rest of the COD franchise. In saying it's different, the level up process has been redefined and I actually enjoy it. It seems to take more time to upgrade weapons and add different loadouts, but that will only keep me playing for longer. Instead of chasing after the gold guns after a few dedicated days of hardcore, I started focusing on making sure all my loadouts were exactly how I want them.

Squad Points are now used to unlock guns, accessories, perks, and kill streak rewards. You can gain Squad Points by achieving a level up, aquiring a certain amount of points, completing operatives and challenges.

Adding a whole slew of new multiplayer modes will also increase the amount of time you play this game, as well as the "operatives". The Operatives give you a chance to redeem extra "Squad Points" after completion.

Another new gameplay is the "Squads" option. Squads allows you to choose a few different options. Go from killing bots by yourself or with up to 5 of your friends and then try out the squad vs. squad to go heads up against other players. I am very excited about SafeGuard mode for those huge waves of enemies! All out war!

Playing on PlayStation 4, I haven't had any issues finding a game right away, no matter what multiplayer mode and I haven't had any issues with connecting. I occasionally will get a game stutter from lag, but that's not always the server, it could be your ISP or home network.

Overall, I think the new multiplayer modes, Squad Points, Operatives, and all the other new features work extremely well, and I am a happy gamer with Call of Duty: Ghosts.

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